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How to frachise. Top franchising consultants discuss pros and cons of when why, how and whether you can, or should, franchise your business, company, shop or store.

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For questions about how to franchise your company, business, shop or store, franchise disclosure document assistance, or an expert to judge the potential of whether your business should or can be franchised, call our consultants at 888-998-7756 for a free consultation!

New Entrepreneurs Seeking How to Franchise Your Business

Franchising can be a rewarding and profitable experience, if you have the right assistance. Our consultants and staff have decades of experience in franchising, as the owners of our own franchise systems and executive officers of major franchisors like Century 21 Real Estate Corporation, achieving high levels of success and competence in franchising operations.

We know how to franchise your business and how to develop a successful franchise system. You can make use of the lessons we learned to avoid the major and expensive initial mistakes. Many new franchisors, in a hurry to expand their markets and profits with a franchising system, have rushed into expensive operations with only a hastily created Franchise Disclosure Document. Of course, much more than that is required to prepare to franchise your business.

For one thing, new franchising companies do not fully appreciate the need to carefully analyze and discuss with someone of knowledge, each and every operational aspect of the FDD. The FDD exposes every financial and operational phase of your franchise business and each section presents an early opportunity to analyze, discuss, create or discard dozens of operational methods and decisions. These decisions could make or break the entire franchise venture. You must carefully work with an experienced advisor to thoughtfully answer the important pro and con questions of when, why, how and whether you can, or should franchise your business, company, shop or store. Discuss with our consultants about:

  1. Whether you and your business should be franchised;
  2. How you want to organize your franchising operations;
  3. How you intend to market and sell your franchises;
  4. The costs of selling a franchise compared with the initial franchise fee you intend to charge;
  5. The basis of your continuing monthly or weekly license fee, or the percentage or flat fee that must be charged.
  6. What operating standards you will require of your franchisees;
  7. The total investment that your franchisees must expend — and how to reduce those initial costs; and
  8. The extent and timing of the training and ongoing support you intend to provide.

Msn in front of his franchised business.

If you and your business are good candidates to start franchising, we will carefully analyze and develop the proper procedures and methods for you to use. We will assist you in planning and implementing the financial, structural and operational aspects of a profitable franchising company.

You will learn how to franchise your business, while avoiding the major mistakes in organizing and operating a franchising company.

We will be with you in every phase along the way — from the initial steps to start your franchise consulting program, through document preparation, state registration, and the sale and set-up of your initial franchise. In this process, we are confident we will have developed the rapport and confidence that will result in a long and successful franchise growth consulting partnership.

We have arranged to work with highly experienced attorneys (in the event you do not have counsel of your own). We consider our methods as the perfect blend of operational planning, consulting and training, while maintaining the valuable attorney-client relationship you will require.

Franchise Sales, Financing and Leasing are Closely Related and Mutually Dependent Concepts

Most franchise sales require financing in some form, and financing is usually dependent on preparation of a business plan. An effective business plan will contain accurate leasing costs and other expense and sales projections based on a specific site location. It is vital that the plan be prepared in a timely manner while several sites are located and considered. You must be able to advise your franchisees in these important matters.

Site locations and lease negotiations are extremely important elements franchisees must understand, and we can show you how to handle these simultaneous operations to effectively close sales in a timely manner.

Call 888-998-7756 and ask our consultants about business plans, franchise financing, lease negotiation and business analysis.

Full Service Franchise Consultants

Our consultants are experts in the many phases of the franchise process — from documents to marketing, sales, and franchising operations. We can assist you fully in developing a market and profit expansion system. We will be with you all the way through the development and marketing of your franchise program.

Licensing, Other Options & Legal Issues in Development of a Franchise System

You may be surprised to learn that other methods of business expansion can have more problems than a franchise system. Ask about various legal issues. But, not all ideas are candidates for franchising.

For free and immediate answers:

Our sensible approach will allow you to budget an orderly development of your franchising company.
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