Compare Costs and Services to Franchise Your Business

Compare franchising costs and services. Learn what our services are and the fees and other costs involved in franchising a business. A comparison reveals we cost less than others when you learn what we offer compared to the services and fees of other consultants.

“Our consultant says we have a ‘franchising gold mine,’ if we make just a few cosmetic changes.”

Compare the Costs and Services to Franchise Your Business

We happily invite comparison of our franchising costs and services. Our clients are provided a low cost, thoroughly-customized Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) after many hours in which we have discussed various alternative methods for every phase of your unique company operations. Depending on the business, we may recommend to you a marketing plan ranging from the selling of individual franchises – to the offering of area development agreements. Your business may even be the kind that could operate well through a network of “subfranchisors” that purchase large territories and develop those areas under your “master” rules and procedures. We will devote significant time with you to discuss all aspects of training and business operations. Then, we carefully craft the wording of every section of your FDD so that it will accurately describe your franchise offer, and will simultaneously let each prospect know that you are offering a professionally designed business system; that you are competent to assist them in every step of their progress; and that you are a serious franchisor. The Franchise Agreement also deserves devotion of that same kind of careful effort. The agreement we create for you will not be mistaken for a form-driven, boilerplate document. It will accurately describe your system and the obligations of both parties, specifically matched to your business; and will also contain many important provisions that we have learned over the years will help protect you from litigation. Operating Manuals are generally cookie-cutter mixtures of prefabricated rules and regulations, a rewrite of the franchise agreement, and a select sprinkling of overused forms. We prefer to provide you an exact initial outline of the procedures and processes involved in the training and operation of your franchised business, broken down into areas of operation. It is likely that you will begin marketing for the sale of your first franchise with a loosely assembled structure of what will be in your final document. There will be many changes and additions during our months with you based upon knowledge obtained from the establishment of your original franchisee. This manual will be a “work in progress” for some time, but it will end up as a valuable and professional resource for future operations. It isn’t just the documents from us that will be of professional and quality workmanship. Our entire consulting program is tailored to the uniqueness of each individual business. You will be given lessons and advice learned from decades of experience. We do not believe that all businesses are the same, or can charge the same franchise fee, nor the same royalty. We hope to become your “strategic partner” and to mold our experience into your operations in a way that you will be comfortable in learning, and successful in implementation.

Compare the franchising costs and services offered by The Franchise Company with a list of costs and services charged by others:

  • Free Initial Consultation to answer your questions about the franchising process.
  • Preliminary Questionnaire to learn the financial and operational details of your franchise concept.
  • An Analysis of the feasibility of franchising your particular business.
  • Free Secondary Consultation to determine your desire to spend the time and effort to be a franchisor.
  • Our Services Agreement if you and we decide to work together to develop your franchise system.
  • Franchising Information Questionnaire for use in preparing your Franchising Documents.
  • Preparation of Franchise Documents and agreements for your attorney’s final drafting.
  • Referral to Franchise Attorney; if you do not have counsel (at pre-arranged reduced fee).
  • Outline of Franchisee Operating Manual designed for your specific business.
  • Our Review and Assistance in the organization and final wording of the Operating Manual.
  • Suggested Franchise Sales Brochure concept and wording for presentation to your graphics provider.
  • Suggested Advertising Content for your franchise sales program and materials.
  • Free State Registration Assistance if you are required to be registered in your home state.
  • Full Franchise Sales Guidance to help you through the sales process and signing of your first franchisee.

This complete program to begin franchising your business, including the services of experienced and qualified franchise counsel, is $19,250.

Though we provide the content wording for your advertising brochure and other marketing materials, you will still need to pay for the production and printing of these items.

Depending on the state (or states) where you intend to start franchising you may still require the services of a certified public accountant at a fee of from $1,000 to $2,000.

Even though the subject matter of every Franchise Disclosure Document is defined and directed by law, we do not use “boilerplate” forms. Every document is tailored to your exact business needs. You will see this when you discover the detail of our Franchisor Questionnaire.

The rewards from training others to be franchisees of your business concept can be very great.  – And not just monetarily.