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Take Your Franchising Navigator with You

Franchise Consulting

Franchise consulting is a Process that should take your business by the hand and guide you — step by step — towards the ownership of your franchise system.

We Are Experienced Franchising Navigators

There are a number of individual balloons needed to keep a franchising business airborne. It’s not easy to master all the elements of a successful franchise system — each phase being so dependent upon the others.

With no strategic plan, or without effective management, a business is set up for failure.

Without coordination among sales, funding and leasing functions, needed unit franchise growth is blocked.

In the absence of proper initial training, or adequate systems to achieve unit level profit, the franchisees are destined to be weak performers.

Unless you provide a truly effective program for continuing support and meaningful communication, all of the prior expense and effort is largely wasted.

We can help you to orchestrate these elements and move you forward to achieving an operating profit.

We can teach you to franchise profitably.

The good news is you don’t have to learn everything at once. No one should try to start with a full, complete system and staff. Eat this apple one bite at a time!

You have a successful business concept or you would not be wondering whether to franchise. Your choice now is to decide whether to open more of your own locations — or to set up a system to allow you to use capital from other entrepreneurs to fund your growth.

There is no need to spend $100,000 to find out if franchising is your best road to future growth. At one-fifth that cost you can construct the basic framework to sell one or two franchises to nurture and develop. — Then we can talk about the expense of additional training and effort to build a full-fledged franchise system.

If you want to learn how to really grow an effective franchise system, and decide to devote yourself to the project in a major way, you should then be prepared to eventually spend another $10-12,000 for the proper, in-classroom-training, to become fully able to stay airborne. We have the best sources in the industry for that necessary training.  However, if you plan to sell one or two franchises, to test the franchising waters, and gradually learn the important factors along the way before larger market expansion, you can do this with the operational and legal counseling that we will provide with our basic $19,250 program.