Franchise My Business

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Should I Franchise My Business?

Many successful small enterprises reach a point where a decision has to be made about future expansion. Though many options are available (bank loans, partnerships, etc.) the best way to expand is to do so without giving up equity or borrowing capital.

Most owners at this stage are often asking “Should I franchise my business?” (Perhaps you have even been approached by several customers asking if they could own a business like yours. That would be a good reason to at least consider it.)

There is a way to accomplish this goal without spending $100,000.

How Do I Franchise My Business The Right Way?

We will start the franchising process with intensive discussions where we will gain the valuable information needed to design strategic and operational plans,  and a detailed Franchise Summary that will provide all of the essential information needed by your attorney to prepare your Franchise Disclosure Document and all related agreements. (If you do not have an attorney we can provide you with an experienced professional with a pre-negotiated fee. That cost is included in our $19,250 fee.)

If you are asking yourself “Should I franchise my business?” call us for a free and frank discussion. We can show you how to expand your business and profits by franchising.