How to Franchise Your Business

How to Franchise your business. We will show you how to franchise your buisness. Build your franchise system on a solid foundation.

Once you decide when, why, or whether you should franchise your business, company, shop or store – you still need to find out how. The Franchise Company employs experienced franchise business development and franchising experts that carefully take you through the entire process of how to franchise a business and how to be a successful franchisor.

There are no shortcuts to success. We insist that you learn how to sell, how to help get funding for your franchisees, how to negotiate leases in order to preserve operating capital, and how to successfully manage your franchise system with accurate and professional franchising documents, procedures and systems.

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How To Franchise: The Franchise Company Offers Additional Services to Our Clients:

  1. Franchise Sales — TFC will assist in the recruitment and signing of your first franchisee sale to insure you are familiar with all the legal requirements and to help launch your expansion plan.
  2. Initial Advertising Materials — Upon request, and at no additional fee, TFC will assist your graphics designer in the production of your initial franchise information website, franchise sales brochure and other electronic or print products, to use in the promotion and sale of your franchises.
  3. Further State Registration Services — After initial registration in your home state, and at a time your organization wishes to expand into further registration states, we will provide this service for additional fees on a state by state basis as you may request. In addition to our fee of $600 per state, you will be required to pay registration fees in each of the following states: California, Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Nebraska, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin. We will advise you on the orderly steps for these registrations.
  4. As You Grow, Further Advanced Training is Available from Trusted Sources
How to franchise your business

Here’s How We Franchise Your Business

Learn Why You Should Franchise Your Business

Successful business owners reach a point where they must consider various alternatives for market expansion. Of the many choices (company-owned facilities, partnership arrangements or franchising) we can show you convincing reasons why we consider franchising as the best of these methods. And, if you then agree with us that franchising is the best method, we will be more than pleased to explain why you should select The Franchise Company to provide the instruction and procedures for you to learn how to franchise a business and to develop an active and profitable franchise system.

Written Strategic and Operational Plans

The first step is strategic planning. We will analyze your existing business and provide you with our basic concepts, methods and philosophy for building a successful and profitable franchising system. The result will be that everyone involved in the process of “how to franchise a business ” will learn the mutual expectations for the next 30-90 days. Together, we will work through the operational issues that must be decided upon before launching your national franchising program.

There will be two parts to this initial process: (1) strategic planning, and (2) operational planning.

The strategic planning process will address the following:

  • How you should organize your franchising operations, the size of territory that you will award, the length of the franchise agreement, rules concerning the services and products that will be offered, marketing concepts and methods, single location and area agreements, and possible subfranchising;
  • How you intend to sell your franchises, advertising and lead generation, sales procedures and closing the deal, franchisee financing, site location, and lease negotiation techniques;
  • The costs of selling a franchise compared with the initial franchise fee you intend to charge, the basis of your continuing monthly or weekly royalty, and the percentage or flat fee that must be charged;
  • The operating standards you will require of your franchisees, rules to protect your trademark, and reports and auditing to maintain standards and compliance;
  • The total investment that your franchisees must expend – and how to reduce and control those initial costs to help opening in conditions set for success; and
  • The extent and timing of the training and ongoing support you intend to provide.

Operational Planning will involve:

  • Preparation of financial model showing the investment needed to begin generating positive cash flow, and a pro forma projection that reflects staffing needs (times to add staff, how many, when, and at what salary and benefits). This analysis will reflect general and administrative expense for the franchisor, and will reasonably project franchisee and royalty fee revenues based on a timing schedule for the granting of franchises and determining when each will open and begin generating royalty revenue.
  • Comprehensive guidance on how to develop your franchise program to achieve your defined objectives.
  • Full definition of your company’s franchise offering to establish your markets, strategy, rate of growth, key development issues, costs, etc.
  • A determination of your mission, core values, vision, strategy, systems, internal strengths and external opportunities, internal and external threats, analysis of current systems, identification of operational issues, key result areas, major objectives for each key result area, projects and accountabilities.
  • Identification of the critical issues pertaining to the creation of the Franchise Disclosure Document, including the differences among single, multi-unit, area development and subfranchising strategies.
  • Assistance in writing the Training and Operating Manual for Your Franchisees.

From our initial discussions we will develop a Strategic Plan for your franchising operations. We will also provide a detailed Operational Summary of the organizational procedures that we have mutually designed for your franchise system.

Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreements

We will provide you a complete Franchise Disclosure Document with Franchise Agreements and provide these basic documents to your attorney for further examination and legal preparation. If you do not have an attorney we can recommend highly professional and experienced counsel at a pre-agreed reduced price to complete your documents and to become your retained law firm. When completed, every issue, including the initial franchise fee, royalty, advertising fund, protected territory, training fees and franchisor/ franchisee obligations will be legally defined and ready for registration in your home state, if required. We fully understand “How to Franchise Your Business.”